Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day

I hear father's day is in a few days. It is not a day I pay special attention to like my birthday or mothers day or fridays so I will probably forget about it right after publishing this piece.

The reason father's day holds no meaning to me is the fact that I have never had a reason to celebrate it. The person I should be celebrating on that day is none existent to me. His place has however been filled by different male figures in my life who impacted me in different ways.

You see, I was raised by a single mother and if you think for a second that that is something to be ashamed of then go jump off a cliff or off a building..or however else you would prefer to end your misery.

My 'dad' has never been in my life -note I put the word dad in quotes- and if he ever was at any point then I just don't remember it.

Have I ever wondered how my life would have been if he stuck around?....yes I have. Especially when I was much younger and yet to understand just how complicated 'adult' relationships can get. When i look back now, I am almost glad he never stuck around maybe my life would not have been as awesome as it has been.

Fathers day should be a day to celebrate the men who stuck around despite the uncertainty of life and that of raising a family. It should be a day for those men who stuck around for their babies despite the strained relationships with their baby mamas. It is a day to celebrate the men who took in children they did not father but raised as their own.

There should never be a reason or an excuse for a man to desert their child and do it consciously. If you are one of those men and you are reading this piece....stab yourself and know that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are a man; you will never be one.

For those fathers who have held their families down despite unimaginable difficulties, I tip my hat to you. You are more of a man than the man who can take on a lion but has deserted his child.

To the men who took in children they did not father and have given them love and support like they were his own.....I tip my hat to you.

To future fathers who will move mountains to hold their family down.....fathers day is a day to celebrate you.

Like I said not big on fathers day but I want to take this opportunity to thank the men who filled the gap of that man who ran with his tail between his legs.Grandpa',uncles....thank you for being that father figure when I needed one to look up to

But most of all I tip my hat and celebrate the woman who raised me without the help of him. Mum..I tip my hat to you and father's day is also about women like you.... Women who have and continue to hold your families down single handedly.

Happy Father's day....celebrate if you must.


Meggy said...

what an amazing and inspiring piece this is especially those young men whose hobby is abandoning their kids everywhere. Keep them coming btw.xo

Sophie Njeru said...

thanks love...and yes..this is piece is to those cowardly men

Angela wairimu said...

Deep stuff! Now I will have to celebrate the amazing men in my life after reading this :)

the mind twist said...

that was owsome...dint know there's one who has a similar voice...

the mind twist said...

owsm...have a similar voice

the mind twist said...

owsm...have a similar voice

Antony Mutua said...

Nice sentiments Sophie:-) Hope most of 'us' get to read this and think twice about family values before as you put it 'running with tail between the legs'